Lecture 3 - Evolutionary Algorithms and Cellular Automata for the Design of Boolean Functions


In this lecture we look into more details on how to use Genetic Algorithms (GA), Genetic Programming (GP) and Cellular Automata (CA) to design Boolean functions and S-boxes with good cryptographic properties.

Topics covered:

  • Direct search of Boolean functions with GA and GP
  • CA approach to design S-boxes
  • GP optimization of S-boxes defined by CA
  • Correlation-immune functions as Orthogonal Arrays (OA)
  • Evolutionary optimization of OA
  • Evolving secondary constructions for Boolean functions with GP

Reading Material

Reference book on Boolean functions:

  • C. Carlet. Boolean Functions for Cryptography and Coding Theory. Cambridge University Press, 2021

Surveys on AI methods in symmetric cryptography:

See also the references on the last slide.

Lecture Recording