This is a list of the papers that I published either in conference proceedings, journals or academic repositories. For each paper you can find the PDF of the postprint version, as well as preprints, slides of the talks, posters, experimental data and source code where available.

For a more objective and up-to-date list, Check out also my DBLP page.

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. Latin Hypercubes and Cellular Automata. AUTOMATA, 2020.

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. Bent Functions from Cellular Automata. IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch. 2020, 2020.

Preprint eprint

. Towards an evolutionary-based approach for natural language processing. GECCO, 2020.

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. Orthogonal labelings in de Bruijn graphs. Open Problems at IWOCA 2020, 2020.

PDF Slides

. Search Space Reduction of Asynchrony Immune Cellular Automata. Natural Computing, 2020.

Preprint PDF DOI

. Exploring Semi-bent Boolean Functions Arising from Cellular Automata. CoRR, 2020.


. Balanced Crossover Operators in Genetic Algorithms. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, 2020.

Preprint PDF Code Dataset DOI

. CoInGP: Convolutional Inpainting with Genetic Programming. CoRR, 2020.


. An Evolutionary View on Reversible Shift-invariant Transformations. EuroGP, 2020.

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. Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares based on Cellular Automata. Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2020.

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. The Fifth International Students' Olympiad in Cryptography - NSUCRYPTO: problems and their solutions. Cryptologia, 2019.

Preprint DOI

. Extending Local Search in Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming. EPIA, 2019.


. Hyper-bent Boolean Functions and Evolutionary Algorithms. EuroGP, 2019.


. Transferable Anonymous Payments via TumbleBit in Permissioned Blockchains. DLT@ITASEC, 2019.

PDF eprint

. Cellular automata based S-boxes. Cryptography and Communications, 2019.

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. The Design of (Almost) Disjunct Matrices by Evolutionary Algorithms. TPNC, 2018.


. Hidden Costs of Modelling Post-fire Plant Community Assembly Using Cellular Automata. ACRI, 2018.


. Evolutionary Search of Binary Orthogonal Arrays. PPSN, 2018.

PDF Poster DOI

. Evolving Bent Quaternary Functions. CEC, 2018.


. Computing the periods of preimages in surjective cellular automata. Natural Computing, 2017.


. Evolving S-boxes based on cellular automata with genetic programming. GECCO, 2017.

Preprint PDF DOI

. Design of S-boxes Defined with Cellular Automata Rules. Mal-IOT@CF, 2017.

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. Constructing Orthogonal Latin Squares from Linear Cellular Automata. Exploratory Papers of AUTOMATA 2016, 2016.

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. Cryptographic Properties of Bipermutive Cellular Automata Rules. J. Cellular Automata, 2014.

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. 1-Resiliency of Bipermutive Cellular Automata Rules. AUTOMATA, 2013.

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